Windham NY

Horsing around Windham NY

Windham NY doesn’t usually strike people as a fun, animal-filled place. However, when you book your stay with us at Albergo Allegria, you’ll find we have some exotic neighbors! As you plan a day out at the Bailiwick Animal Park … Read More

Windham NY Lodging

Splashing into Summer

Summer is here, and Windham NY lodging is booking up as people plan their fourth of July vacations! Don’t be a last-minute planner, join us at Albergo Allegria Inn today! Out on the Water Albergo Allegria Inn we offer our … Read More

Catskills Mountain Hotels

Nature Meets Elegance in Catskills Mountain Hotels 

Catskills Mountain Hotels like Albergo Allegria Inn, help foster cultural activities such as creek hopping, bird watching and a relaxing evening at our elegant inn! So, join us for a fun-filled summer! Creek Hoping Creek hopping is an old Catskill … Read More

Catskills Mountain Hotels

Experiencing The Art Of The Catskills

Art has always been a way to see into a community through the eyes of others. Whether it is through song, dance, or other, you will be able to see what others have experienced. Windham, NY is a historical and … Read More

Windham, NY

Have Fun Like A Kid Again

Everyday life at home can end up wearing on you with all of our obligations, work, and everything in between. Relax and have a bit of fun with us in the Windham, NY area and leave those worries behind for … Read More

Catskills B&B

A Food Lover’s Favorite Getaway

Food is one thing in this world that tends to bring people together. If you think about it, every holiday and gathering tends to have a meal to accompany it. Here at Albergo Allegria Bed and Breakfast Hotel, we realize … Read More

Catskills B&B

Kicking Off The New Year In The Catskills

With a new year comes new resolutions. Make your new year about new experiences by going to new places. The perfect place to start a year of adventure and experience is with Albergo Allegria Bed and Breakfast in Windham, NY. … Read More

Catskills B&B

Romantic Winter Getaway At A Catskills B&B

The New Year is approaching, and we are starting to create our New Year’s resolutions. This year add a couples getaway to your list. It is the perfect way to show your partner how much you love them. Also, it … Read More

Windham, NY

Get Ready For Snow In Windham, NY

Cold weather and snow are upon us, and it is time to start thinking about your winter adventure getaway. Do not wait until the snow is covering the ground, start planning today so you can enjoy everything winter has to … Read More

Windham, NY

Time For You At Albergo Allegria

It is the perfect time to pamper yourself before winter hits! Take a vacation just for you and do the things you want to do and on your own schedule. Check out some cool sights, go to local festivals, or … Read More

Catskills B&B

Fall Into Windham, NY

Autumn is around the corner, and that means the bright green leaves are starting to melt into burnt orange and fiery red. The crisp air kisses our skin, and we are brought into a new world and a new season. … Read More

Catskills B&B

Explore The Last Of Summer In Windham, NY

Colder weather will be moving in, the leaves will begin to change, and summer will be coming to an end. So, before that happens enjoy the last minutes of summer and explore Windham, NY. With gorgeous views and plenty to … Read More

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Photo Ready In Windham, NY

Summer is a great time to grab your camera and go to Windham, NY. There is nothing better than capturing what you see in a way people could not imagine or perceive. At Albergo Allegria, we want to make sure … Read More

Enjoy Summer Vacation to the Fullest

Tips For Your Summer Vacation

You have decided to go to Windham, NY for your summer vacation. Smart choice! However, now you need figure out where to stay and what you want to do. At Albergo Allegria, we are located in the gorgeous Catskill Mountains. … Read More

Windham, NY, Windham New York Hotels, Catskills Mountain Hotels, Catskills Bed and Breakfast

The Summer Of Music At The Catskills

This summer the Catskills will come alive with the sound of music. Music Festivals of every genre and kind will be present in Windham, NY. From Bluegrass to Rock there is sure to be something for you to sway too. … Read More