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Country Air

Take a deep breath, capture the moments. Two acres of fresh air, country landscape, and relaxing space all within a mile of town and nearly direct access to the two-and-a-half mile Windham Path.
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Romp-around and discover pastimes of The Catskills… America’s First Vacationland
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Outdoor adventure ends, snuggle-up begins. Romantic old classic, comedic new release, 3000+ movies to borrow… chillaxing Happiness awaits.
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Yes! Homemade with L.O.V.E. in the “Kitchen of Happiness”… pre-order yours when making your reservations. View the menu Bakery by Albergo.
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Specialty Iced Coffee and Novelty Beverages are available for purchase through the Bakery by Albergo.
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Cold Spring Water

Free spring water may not sound like much, but how many hotels have you seen where you have to purchase water? We will happily hydrate you with a perpetually full cold spring water dispenser in the lobby.
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Kitchen Items

All guest rooms have a mini fridge, but if you need more fridge space, a freezer, or ice, just let us know and we’ll attend to your needs. Lightweight paper plates, disposable flatware, and snack-sized napkins are complimentary; bottle openers and wine glasses are available to borrow.
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Made in the USA

Diligently sourced products.

  • William Roam is one of a few personal care products that are distinctly American. Our Float collection uses domestically-sourced ingredients, right down to the packaging.
  • Liberty Tabletop is the only USA flatware manufacturer.
  • Thomaston Mills is the oldest domestic sheet mill in the USA.
Happiness AlbergoAllegria breakfast restaurant | Catskills, New York

Local Eateries

Places to dine? Windham has them! Your innkeepers do the research on who’s open, so you can sit back and enjoy the meal.
View Dining Options

Three Generation Family | AlbergoAllegria | Windham, NY Catskills

Unparalleled hospitality since 1982

Hospitality is defined as taking care of your guests and anticipating their needs and it is the relationship between the guest and the host, or the act or practice of being hospitable.

Our History

The Osborn House circa 1800s

Osbornville vs. Windham

Considered “America’s First Vacationland”, this area of Greene County, NY has offered exquisite lodging accommodations and distinguished hospitality for 195 years. The Catskill Mountain House, designed to be one of the grandest hotels in the world, operated in its prime from 1850 to 1900 and welcomed famous guests and three American presidents! Although no longer standing, it was perched on the cliff face by North Lake where guests often hike, swim and explore Kaaterskill Falls today.

Sprawling resorts began to nestle among the Northern Catskill Mountains, offering a cool refreshing retreat for affluent socialites looking to escape the heat of the summer, the stress of city life, and the stuffy air that shared conditions, like the then common tuberculosis. Windham, originally a part of Woodstock, was constituted a separate town, March 27, 1798. Two years later the new county of Greene, named for General Nathaniel Greene of Revolutionary fame, was established from parts of Ulster and Albany counties. The original name of Windham Village was Osbornville, after the family of Osborns – Bennet, Milo, Nathan, Merritt, who were so active in building the village. The Osborn domain was over 100 acres and incorporated what is now Windham.

In 1848 the name was changed to Windham Center. This was done by an Act of Congress instituted by Assemblyman Zadock Pratt of Prattsville. It was rumored that this was done because of resentment against Bennet Osborn who reportedly campaigned against Mr. Pratt before his nomination for assemblyman.

The Osborn House, a family built and owned this seasonal vacation complex, swelled to a capacity of 300 summer tourists in the early part of the century. The 100-acre property changed owners several times and eventually over time was parceled off and neglected.

In 1976, Lenore & Vito Radelich purchased the Osborn House Grill, located directly across from the inn and opened up La Griglia Ristorante, a 175 seat Northern Italian restaurant. Several years later, they had the opportunity to purchase two of the original cottages of the former Osborn House. Imagining their former glory, Lenore and Vito began work on these Queen Anne Victorian Ladies.

The front building of the inn is design by architect, George F. Barber. In the mid 1800s, Barber produced his first architectural designs while working for his brother’s construction firm. In early 1888, Barber published The Cottage Souvenir, which contained 14 house plans. The bulk of Barber’s business followed the ‘catalog architecture’ model popularized by earlier architects. Barber’s great innovation was his willingness to personalize his designs for individual clients at moderate cost. Though his firms’ records no longer survive, it is believed that he sold as many as 20,000 plans in his career. Since he frequently modified his designs to fit his clients’ needs and specifications, his houses are sometimes difficult to attribute with any certainty, however, certain elements are thumbprints of Barber.

In 1890, Barber published The Cottage Souvenir No. 2, in which we find ‘Design No. 142’ that is the front of the inn. Albergo Allegria showcases Barber’s signature ‘key-hole’ window, front porch and stained glass. This building, originally named ‘Cottage 2’ by the Osborn’s, remains on its original stone foundation and has not moved since it was built circa. 1892. Its sister house, ‘Cottage 1’, was originally located 200 feet to its right. In 1984 Vito and Lenore moved the cottage, with all its dishes resting in their cupboards, intact 400 feet. Remarkably, nothing was damaged and the Radelich’s attentively rescued all salvageable wood, stained glass and even corner moldings. The original staircase was reassembled in the newly built section joining these two structures; painstakingly echoing the detailed trim and carefully painted woodwork of the originals.

In discussing his architectural philosophy, Barber argued that Nature has ‘faithfully and accurately adhered to the Divine law of harmony,’ and that no place should adhere more closely to the fundamental principles of nature than one’s house. Barber considered proportion the most important element in architecture, likening it to harmony in music, ‘without which all else is a failure’. He described ornamentation as the next most important element, as it gives proportion expression. Lastly was ‘harmony of form,’ or the relationship of curved and straight lines to one another.

Vito and Lenore, resonated Barber’s philosophy. After a two year period, the inn was completed and named Albergo Allegria, Italian for the ‘Inn of Happiness’. Furnished with period wallpapers and antiques throughout, all bedrooms were designed to offer guests modern amenities in a setting filled with character and history. The twelve guest rooms are named after the 12 months of the year; the four suites after the four seasons.

The former Osborn House horse stables were transformed into five Carriage House accommodations. Opened to guests on December 24th 1996, these deluxe spa rooms are located just behind the inn and provide spacious lodging for seekers of privacy and indulgence. Several of the guest room fireplaces on the property are framed with the historic solid oak floorboards of the original horse stables. The Carriage House units, Rooms 17-21, overlook wild thyme fields, the inn’s vegetables and herb gardens and are just a stone’s throw from the Batavia Kill creek that runs though the inns property.

Albergo Allegria continues to offer guests a restful oasis amidst the peaceful luxuriance of the surrounding Northern Catskill Mountains. We are proud to be part of this area’s tradition of classic hospitality.

Greene County Registered Historic Site

Experience Albergo Allegria, the Inn of Happiness – Est. September 28, 1982

Albergo Allegria est. 1982

40 Years of Distinctive Hospitality

“Wouldn’t it be nice to own an inn?”, was the inner monologue of Lenore Radelich as she sat in her office balancing the books of her Northern Italian eatery, La Griglia Ristorante. Perhaps inspired by the then popular Bob Newhart show, she gazed across the road at the former Osborn House buildings, now in a state of disrepair and severe neglect. The vison was cast and on September 28, 1982 the property was purchased and named Albergo Allegria, Italian for the “Inn of Happiness”. It opened its doors with the grace and hospitality of another century, and matured into the “Country Boutique Hotel with a Provencal-style Vibe” it is known for today.

But what happened in between? Work. Lots, and lots, and lots of hard work. Years of continual renovations, repairs, remodeling, and restoration took place; sometimes feeling like it’s never stopped. “There’s always something to do, something ‘to make better’ for the guests and to keep authentic”, says Vito in his soft Italian accent. The architectural and decorative details were painstakingly preserved as the innkeepers strive to keep as much of the tangible history as possible. Preservation throughout this sprawling 21 room hotel property blends the past and the present, with modern amenities. Antiques alongside whirlpool tubs, dream-worthy mattresses gazing up at century-old stained glass windows. The outdoor grounds offer a feeling of sense of place, while harmonious with a bohemian whimsy.

January 2014 ushered in the long-term plan of Vito and Lenore maneuvering into retirement with Marianna and Leslie taking the reins of the inn. Both families still work side-by-side as Marianna notes, “My parents are still my training wheels, and we couldn’t do it without them, their insight, or their wisdom. Likewise, we’re blessed with a charming team of friendly, hard-working staff; excellence in hospitality is our goal post.”

Marianna grew up in the family’s restaurant business. She added to hospitality the heritage of her parents and graduated with a Hotel Restaurant Management degree from Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks. Leslie, a native of Perth, Western Australia, met Marianna while traveling through Windham on a mission trip and they married in 1992. Leslie is an active volunteer and interior firefighter with Windham Hose Company #1, held the office of a Windham Fire District Commissioner for several years, and proudly became an American Citizen a decade ago.

Marianna and Leslie’s sons followed in the entrepreneurial tradition and opened their own business, Bean Wise Coffee. At the ages of eleven and ten, they were the youngest members of the Windham Chamber of Commerce and active business owners. In their latter high school years, they put their coffee business on the proverbial back burner, split their assets, and started a new chapter in their lives. Their eldest son briefly attended The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, and continues to seek performance opportunities while staying true to his character and convictions; their youngest son took time to explore his options while cultivating personal growth and character development. Both boys currently attend the same university, are on track to graduate the same year, and continue to grow in kindness, gratitude, and appreciation.

What started out as a “wouldn’t it be nice thought” has become a second generation family business that carries on the hospitality traditions that founded our mountainous area. Welcome to Albergo Allegria, and welcome to The Catskills Inn of Happiness.

Experience Squeeky Cleanliness | AlbergoAllegria | Windham, NY Catskills

Squeaky Clean Cleanliness

Cutting-edge cleanliness for 40 years. Unlike the majority of hotels and vacation home rentals, all Albergo Allegria guest-touched linens are laundered between each and every guest. What! Hotels wash their sheets… right? Yes, they do. But did you know that blankets, bedspreads, and decorative pillow cases are not washed between guests. In a pre-COVID world, a high end property would launder those items seasonally, at best. Post COVID, hotels are just now removing them from guest rooms. We’ve been ahead of the cleanliness curve and identified this issue years ago!

Our dream-worthy beds are prepared with the simplicity of a European custom… a fitted sheet and fluffy comforter. Each comforter is tucked into a fresh duvet cover that is laundered between each and every guest. Likewise, additional closet linens, like a cozy blanket, and extra pillow are attentively laundered every time they are removed from the closet.

Bathroom towels and guest amenities are cleanly kept in the closet! Free from bathroom bacteria. For these same sanitary reasons, our practice has been uncompromised cleanliness for decades. What has been ‘common sense sanitized’ for us is just now being implemented across the hotel hospitality industry. Unparalleled guest room cleanliness beckons you to sleep well knowing we are committed to cleanliness, and your comfort.

Experience Allergen Eco Friendly | AlbergoAllegria | Windham, NY Catskills

Allergen-free & Eco-friendly

Our commitment is to you and to our environment. In order to serve you best, it is important to inform us of any allergy you, or anyone in your traveling party, have.

Without compromising cleanliness, we choose chemical-free, non-harmful, plant-based cleaning products. The respiratory health of our hard working staff, and our guests, remains a top priority. For years, our product of choice is Melaleuca. Proven safe and effective, the EPA placed Sol-U-Guard on their approved list for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting against viruses like SARS and COVID-19. Used throughout the inn, Melaleuca products provide protection and piece-of-mind. For those with allergies, all current housekeeping products used in guest rooms include, but are not limited to, Melaleuca’s Sol-U-Guard, Mela-magic, and Clear Power; additional products include Windex, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Magic Eraser, occasionally Tilex, and other agents.

Almost all guest room carpets have been replaced with wood flooring for a better night’s sleep; there are only two rooms remaining with wall-to-wall carpeting. Several rooms have area rugs, and flooring details for each guest room is noted on each room’s description.

Regarding bedding: every primary bed has a feather down comforter, and all rooms have non-down pillows. Secondary beds have blankets. Guests with down allergies can request non-down bedding for their room, but the request must be made a minimum of 24-hours before your arrival.

Note all allergies of those in your traveling party in the “Special Requests” field during the online reservation process, especially food related. If you have any concerns, please contact us. For those with severe or life threatening allergies, please understand we cannot guarantee your safety.

Experience COVID Free Practices | AlbergoAllegria | Windham, NY Catskills

COVID-free practices

Cleanliness has been a pillar of Albergo Allegria for four decades and we have not been caught off-guard from COVID-19. In conjunction with our high cleaning standards, additional hospital-grade EPA N-list products and protocols have been added allowing us to offer a safe environment for our guests, and our employees. As Executive Chef and Owner, my approach offers what I consider common sense practices that are both logical and parallel with science. My background in hospitality’s food service sanitation, paired with my former EMT occupation, allow me to assess and address challenges from different perspectives.

Expectations are outlined to eliminate or reduce confusion and increase personal responsibility. To achieve the goal of viral and bacterial mitigation, proper handwashing is key. Secondary, is the use of hand sanitizers but the much-overlooked activation time for those to work needs to occur. You are welcome to bring, and carry with you, personal hand sanitizer (with 60% alcohol, minimum) to be used during your time at our hotel and while enjoying Windham, NY. Remember that after properly applying hand sanitizer you should not touch anything for at least three minutes.

Viral mitigation requires cooperation, think partnership, between the responsibility of the property, and the responsibility of its guest. Read about “What is expected of me, the guest?” under COVID & Safety Info section of out virtual Guidebook.

If you have further questions on the “what and why” of our COVID-19 response, I invite you to reach out to me via email and I would be delighted to contact you directly.