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Time For You At Albergo Allegria

Time For You At Albergo Allegria

It is the perfect time to pamper yourself before winter hits! Take a vacation just for you and do the things you want to do and on your own schedule. Check out some cool sights, go to local festivals, or just relax and do nothing at all. Before the holiday season is in full swing, take time for yourself at Albergo Allegria. We offer the best location for you to hide and refresh and take your trip day by day in Windham, NY.

Time Out

This is your chance for you and you alone. Take a nap in the middle of the day or watch a movie, it is your vacation, play by your rules. Eliminate the notifications that pop up on your phone such as emails, telemarketers, and text messages. Taking away these daily reminders will help you wipe away the stressors of everyday life. Get rid of the news for the week or a couple of days. The world should be revolving around you on your vacation.

During your vacation get out and experience the town. Experience the region’s exceptional offerings of beer, wine, cider, and distilled products at the Catskills Beverage Trail Festival on November 4th. Sample them all while tasting some of the local foods and celebrate the bounty of the Upper Hudson Valley! It is a great way to treat yourself and meet new people.

Another great outing to unwind and reconnect with yourself is the Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival on November 3 through the 5th. Get away to the peaceful Catskill Mountains and enjoy amazing sacred music, classes, and workshops taught by highly sought after teachers. Your day may include a meditation hike on the mountain, your favorite style of yoga, or learning new techniques for a blissful living!


Windham, NY
This is the time to indulge in yourself. Go to one or all of the festivals, take time to breathe in the mountain air, and treat yourself to a spa day without ever having to leave your room. Janet O’Brien, the founder of Serenity Skincare, specializes in a multi-med approach addressing the signs of aging, sun damage, sensitivity, and acne. “Kaaterskill Clove” facial massage combo package is a 90-minute head-to-toe treatment for $140 in the privacy and convenience of your guest room at Albergo Allegria Windham, NY. Get your skin, mind, and body on the right track for winter.

Albergo Allegria provides you with the space and comfort you deserve. With everything going on in life and the expectations we have for ourselves, we can build up a lot of stress. So, sleep in, go out and have fun, indulge in a spa treatment, read a book by the fire, and whatever else your heart desires. Grab that suitcase, throw in that outfit that you love and join us for some fun and relaxation in Windham, NY!

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