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Have Fun Like A Kid Again

Have Fun Like A Kid Again

Everyday life at home can end up wearing on you with all of our obligations, work, and everything in between. Relax and have a bit of fun with us in the Windham, NY area and leave those worries behind for a while! Visit us at Albergo Allegria Bed and Breakfast and have fun like a kid again.

Blast From The Past

There were many things left in the past that we occasionally see and feel a bit nostalgic. One thing that still lives on and allows us to hop on a metaphorical time machine is the roller rink. Put on your roller skates or roller blades and enjoy a little blast from the past. The Cairo Purling Roller Rink is a lively spot to get in the groove and channel your inner youngster.

A Putt Putt Adventure

When you are looking for a mini-adventure, there is no better place than the Bear Creek Landing Mini Golf Course. Grab a club and a score sheet and challenge yourselves to a little friendly competition. With sweet treats, a driving range, and a million-dollar course you have the perfect recipe for a fantastic outing.

Take A Look

One of our favorite toys growing up was the kaleidoscope. Mesmerized by the melting shapes and colors within a tiny tube made us a little more curious as to how things worked. In Mount Temper, NY, you can take it a step further and visit the world’s largest kaleidoscope. Built within a silo, you can view dazzling colors meshing together as the sun shines through.

The next time you are longing to relive the glory days, take a trip to Windham, NY to stay with us. There are plenty intriguing of things to do in New York nearby our Albergo Allegria Bed and Breakfast that will make you feel like a kid again. Give us a call and start planning a trip with us and have a little NY fun!

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