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A Food Lover’s Favorite Getaway

A Food Lover’s Favorite Getaway

Food is one thing in this world that tends to bring people together. If you think about it, every holiday and gathering tends to have a meal to accompany it. Here at Albergo Allegria Bed and Breakfast Hotel, we realize the importance of a delicious dining experience. Our Catskills B&B kitchen takes pride in their work, and it is no secret why.

The Passion

When you stay in our lovely accommodations, you can expect to be surrounded by elegance and superior designing. The best surprise that accompanies with all of that beauty is what comes from our kitchen. Albergo Allegria is equipped with a kitchen that is designed for creating culinary masterpieces as we believe breakfast is, indeed, the most important meal. We make sure that we put all of our passion into every dish. We even have our own cooking channel to share our love of breakfast with others.

Your Experience

Catskills B&B
Our breakfasts are served daily, and there are even a few different schedules for groups and those hitting the slopes bright and early. We also prepare breakfasts for those that like to catch the earliest rays of morning light upon prior notice. We make sure that every guest can get in that all too important meal. We even have a “Breakfast Club” that people can join so that they can still get breakfast without being a guest at our Catskills B&B.

Pull Up A Seat

If you are a lover of delightful dishes and breakfast, Albergo Allegria is the place for you. Book one of our fantastic rooms and pull up a seat to dine with us. Our cooks and staff will help you feel right at home. If you have specific food allergies or special dietary needs, let us know, and we will whip up something special just for you. Give us a call and book your unforgettable stay and experience an unmatched breakfast with us!

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