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Experiencing The Art Of The Catskills

Experiencing The Art Of The Catskills

Art has always been a way to see into a community through the eyes of others. Whether it is through song, dance, or other, you will be able to see what others have experienced. Windham, NY is a historical and beautiful corner of the Catskills. The art of the area is a fantastic way to see its secrets and stories unfolded for all to see. Albergo Allegria Bed and Breakfast is one of the Catskills Mountain hotels that bring a little bit of its tasteful art to the table and invites you to discover all of the art that fills the area.


Every year several events take place for those who live and visit the Catskills to experience it all. The Catskills Arts Society hosts many occasions that you can find on their website. Everything from fine arts to spectacular performances, you will be able to discover intriguing events to spark your artistic tastes. The CAS Arts Center is where you can find galleries, events, workshops, and everything in between while on your visit to the area to make sure you do not miss a beat.


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To take things to an even more local lever to Windham, NY specifically, explore Windham Fine Arts. Various exhibits are displayed throughout a gallery for all to see. You can find both solo and group exhibits that represent the visions of many from the area. Being in the birthplace of American Art, it is only natural to have a strong background in the arts and carry on the torch proudly in these fantastic features and exhibits.

Experience It

When you visit the Windham, one of your favorite Catskills mountain hotels is ready to give you a beautiful place to stay while you enjoy the beauty of our local area. Here at Albergo Allegria Bed and Breakfast, you can discover a flare of local historical art within our own walls. Stay in beauty and explore even more throughout our town and the Catskills with us. You can call or visit our website for more information to help you plan out your very own artistic getaway to the beautiful upstate New York.

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