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Nature Meets Elegance in Catskills Mountain Hotels 

Nature Meets Elegance in Catskills Mountain Hotels 

Catskills Mountain Hotels like Albergo Allegria Inn, help foster cultural activities such as creek hopping, bird watching and a relaxing evening at our elegant inn! So, join us for a fun-filled summer!

Creek Hoping

Creek hopping is an old Catskill mountain activity that will change you and your family. Batavia Kill Creek flows into Schoharie Creek just upstream of the village of Prattsville. So on a good day, you can hike up to the next town off the beaten path! Creek walking helps you become one with nature, so if you don’t mind getting a little wet and are up for a new traditional activity, join us in one of the coziest Inns in Catskills Mountain Hotels.

Bird Watching

Catskills Mountain Hotels
Within the Albergo Allegria Inn grounds, you can see as many as fifty kinds of birds throughout the year. We have a bird observatory for bird watching. You can also spot birds from our nearby hiking trails and state parks, and of course, we can’t forget our dear Cedar Waxwings and Black-capped Chickadees who handle the parking lot greetings! In summer, eagles and osprey spend most days by the water with the diving ducks, such as Mergansers and Golden-eyes as they feed on fish, so spend some time on the river to spot these majestic birds. The Catskill Creek Trail will take you clear to East Durham where you can see rare warblers like the Cerulean, and Yellow-throated in addition to Arcadian Flycatchers. The Batavia kill Creek is also home to a variety of other wildlife like beavers, woodchucks, and occasionally deer.

The Inn

After a day of outdoor adventures, come back to your room and relax in front of one of our three thousand, and counting, movies! We genuinely care about you and our environment, so we guarantee allergen-free and eco-friendly products throughout the inn, without compromising cleanliness. Food is essential, especially after a full day exploring! Therefore, we offer freshly made from scratch cookies all day every day, during your entire stay at no extra charge. Though we pride ourselves on catering to your needs, please let us know when making reservations to confirm so we can be stocked and ready to serve you during your stay.

At Albergo Allegria Inn one of the finest inns of Catskills Mountain Hotels we bring out New York’s traditional Italian roots from the food to the memories!

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