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July Newsletter – Kitchen of Happiness Issue

Inn of Happiness

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You know the “Inn of Happiness”, now here’s some great summer secret tips from the “Kitchen of Happiness”.  Thank you for staying connected to Albergo Allegria Bed and Breakfast Hotel in Windham, NY!

Quick Clips of Culinary Tips

Simple, easy way to prepare corn on the cob for your next summer outing.

Chef Vito’s corn shucking tip was learned years ago from his friend, Lee Bowman of Long Island’s B&B Fish & Clam, currently located in Amityville, NY. They would host clam bake events and fundraisers for 200-2000 people!

1. Cutting off at the bottom stem of the cob first, make cut about half inch up the base, keeping your knife on the cutting board and lifting the corn.

2. Cut off the top of the cob, about half inch down the husk, keeping your knife on the cutting board and lifting the corn. The husk should easily come off with this technique. No more pulling and tugging at the husk.

3. Bring to boil in a large pot: half water, half milk,  decent amount of salt, a bit of white pepper, butter. Have enough liquid ratio to cover over the corn.

4. Once boiled, add corn and cover. Bring back to a boil, then shut off heat. Corn will continue to cook. Keep covered until ready to serve.

From the Kitchen of Happiness


TIP #1: Keep Marshmallows Frozen! When you roast them, they’re just as tasty. Plus, a frozen marshmallow is a treat in itself next to a blazing fire.
TIP #2: Use Powdered Sugar! To keep our marshmallows from sticking together, at Albergo Allegria, we throw a handful into a large zip-lock bag and toss them around in powdered sugar. Placed in a glass jar with a good seal, they look yummy on the shelf, too. Now people… powdered sugar, on top of more sugar, is an insane summer time treat! Disclaimer: the consumption of these overly abundant sweets may cause some children to bounce off the stars and race after fireflies!
S’MORE TIPs: We call them “S’More’s of Happiness“. Of course, at Albergo Allegria we have a tendancy to do culinary things a little “over the top”. Yeah, we have Classic S’Mores, but the next time you make your reservation, request our “S’More’s of Happiness”; or make these treats at your next cook out.
1. toast your powered sugar coated marshmallow to perfection
2. submerge it into warm melted ganache chocolate
3. roll it completely in crushed graham crackers
4. enjoy and ask for s’more
 *** S’Mores of Happiness have the traditional components of S’Mores, but this culinary execution pairs the flavors perfectly!
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