F.E.M.A. Official Hotel, Windham, NY

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Located 2 1/2 hours from the George Washington Bridge, the inn is welcoming evacuee victims of Hurricane Sandy. Guests provide required  F.EM.A. paperwork and F.E.M.A. is paying for eligible lodging expenses. Albergo Allegria Bed and Breakfast Hotel is set in the Northern Catskill Mountains in the town of Windham, NY.

After Windham was slammed by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, we too, are familiar with the feelings of devistation and the endurance needed to rebuild.

Our thoughts, prayers and relief efforts go out to all our neighbors south of upstate New York.

Additionally, in an effort to aide, Albergo Allegria is donating a portion of each November reservation to Feed The Hungry, an organization that deployed supplies as Sandy hit. $20 sends 400 pounds; $100 sends 1 Ton (2,000 pounds) of food, liquids, and relief supplies into the hardest hit areas of Sandy's path. Feed The Hungry has the relief supplies; they need our help for the frieght and fuel to ship them.

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